Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fiber is Fun!

Okay, if you are one of my many non-fiber/yarn obsessed friends, feel free to go away. For, like, a month. I've decided to take part in Fiber 'Tudes Daily Dose of Fiber 31-Day Challenge.


I've been neglecting my yarn lately. I've added to my stash, a bit fanatically, but not only am I not doing anything with it, I recently (last weekend, while cleaning my lair office) frogged* a bunch of WIPs that I decided were not what I wanted them to be. So I have all this yarn, all these patterns, and I'm not doing anything with them.

*FTR, I'm a crocheter, not a knitter, but we don't have a special word for this in crochet so I borrowed the knitting term. The Fiber 'Tudes gals are knitters, but I hope they won't mind me hooking along this month.

Oh, and the holidays are coming and I'm feeling the need to inflict homemade gifts on everyone I love again, haven't done it in a year or so.

Current WIPs (that were not taken apart for their yarn) are an afghan for my aunt, and a fancy scarf for me.

The afghan is a super simple ripple variant mostly Simply Soft with a little fancy stuff I got on clearance thrown in every 5 rows or so.

The Wavelength scarf, well, if I ever manage to finish it and get it blocked (I ~need~ to stop stalling and get some foam mats for blocking projects) it will be fantabulous. The pattern is here and the yarn I chose, inspired by the pattern's name, is Ella Rae's lace merino in color 106 (the teals).

Pics of WIPs later, gotta get the girl ready for a late afternoon swim party :-S


Candy said...

Oh thank god, I clicked on this hoping it wasn't going to be about your bodily functions. All I have to say about this is Go, Scarf Girl, Go!

Stacy said...

Hook away! At least 2 of us Fiber 'Tudes gals are crocheters as well as knitters, so there is going to be lots of crochet happening in the next 31 days!!

And isn't the Ella Rae lace merino just devine! Love that yarn.

Go get those foam mats and block that scarf! Thanks for joining the challenge.

-Stacy (FineNeedle)

Lanel said...

Yes, I'm took me until the third paragraph to realize you were talking about YARN fibers and not food fiber. I was so confused by the 31-day fiber challenge...wondered if it came with a coupon for the super-sized pack of TP. LOL :)

FYI...remember, I live in Idaho where the winters are COLD and scarves are a NECESSITY not a fashion statement. And, my scarfs are all store bought boring things that don't excite me to wear.

Just saying...


Knit Purl Gurl said...

Crocheters welcome! We want ANYONE who works with fiber to join our challenge & listen to the show. I also crochet as well as knit & LUV crochet! (though I'm new & not very good at it) 'Can't wait to see what you're working on. :)