Friday, December 18, 2009

The girl is just amazing...

J is finishing up a poetry unit at school and her poem was so awesome (not that I'm biased) that her teacher (a) told me in advance that I would be surprised/wowed by it and (b) chose it as the opening poem in their class poetry book. Without further ado:


by J

Her smile, so
Blond, golden hair,
her light baby
blue eyes
Four years old
Too young
She left me.
I wasn't even born yet!

And yea, I teared up again just re-typing it.

For the new out there, my oldest daughter, S, died in a backyard pool drowning while I was pregnant with J. We've made an effort to make sure J knows about her sister and that we love them both, and well, obviously she's been paying attention.

And probably needs therapy, based on the above, but I'm hiding my head in the sand on that one for as long as I can...

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I just pulled my NaNo buttons out of the side bar. I am at peace with my decision to abandon my 2009 NaNoWriMo project. That does not, however, mean I want the tally of my failure to finish to stare me in the face every time I see my blog--no matter how rare, based on my recent posting history, that may be.

Around November 18th I got few days behind, something I know from past experience is easily fixable. This year I let it be the final nudge over the edge on a decision I'd been contemplating for a week. Abandoning my tale.

This year's book sucked. The idea was weak, at best, and not one I was remotely passionate about. Some people say it's better to NaNo something you aren't passionate about so you won't worry about the quality. Me? I need to be invested in it, at least a bit, or it will never go anywhere.

I didn't have anything I wanted to say this year. I seem to have an odd-years NaNo curse. I win in years ending in an even number. I abandon the project as dreck in odd-numbered years. Kind of teh suck, but, on the bright side, it means I'll make it next year. Write?!?!