Monday, October 19, 2009

Stolen from Lisa

I'm home sick with day 5 of a headache and can't sleep anymore right now and don't trust myself to edit myself, let alone someone else's stuff, right now, so you get a shamelessly stolen blog post, courtesy of Lisa at Put It On the List - who stole it from someone else. Doncha love the interwebs?

Below is my vacation map. I've visited all of the places below and stayed long enough to do something memorable. If all I did was drive through on the way to somewhere else, or change planes, I skipped that state, otherwise I'd have to add New York, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Colorado :-)

visited 16 states (32%)
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Looks to me like I need to get out more :-)

I'd like to visit:

  • Florida -- I want to take the girl to Disney before she's too old to enjoy it.
  • Minnesota -- I did a series of articles a last year on Minneapolis and it looks like an interesting place to visit.
  • Indiana -- Friends across the street moved up there a few years ago and it'd be great to go visit them. We were there as surrogate family when their oldest girl was born (4mos younger than J) and the girls haven't seen each other since they were babies.
  • Alaska -- Friends and family tell me I ~must~ be part polar bear I like it so cold. Be nice to see for myself. And I wanna see whales that are NOT in a ginormous tank at Sea World.
  • Hawaii -- I'd have to be insane not to want to go to our own US tropical paradise, right?
  • New York -- Hokey, I know, but I'd like to see the Statue of Liberty. And a Broadway show that is actually ON Broadway at the time. I lurve musicals.
  • Colorado -- My mom lived here for a while and, well, it just looks purty in the pictures.
  • Maine -- Just cuz.
  • Oregon -- Why? Cuz it's there. You hear about the attractions of California and Washington and Oregon seems to be the unloved middle child. I'm all about making a state feel loved. (did I mention I'm in a lot of pain and can't see straight and I reserve the right for this to make no sense whatsoever? I did? Oh good.)
  • Illinois -- See notes above re: Minnesota. I did a similar series on Chicago and want to see the Adler, the Field, etc.
  • Michigan -- I wanna see Mackinac Island. Read about it, have family that's been there (the hubs has family in Michigan so we might even HAVE family there, lol), and it sounds like a nifty spot to visit.
  • Oklahoma -- Being a good lil Texan I have spent most of my life disparaging the state immediately to our North (and based on my one hotel stay there it was NOT without cause!), but the pictures and stories of the Pioneer Woman and Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer have just about convinced me that I may have been a little too hasty in my judgment.
That's all I can think of right now. Must be time to go back to bed.


Lanel said...

Uh, did you forget to add Idaho? I don't see it on your "I'd like to visit list". LOL :)

I'm going to steal looks fun. I'll have to include states that I've driven through assuming I did enough when driving through them to make me remember that I went there. :)

Fortier Business Solutions said...

As a native Okie, I have to tell you to visit OK. Go to OKC - visit their riverwalk - its kinda cool. Not as cool as San Antonio's but for a land-locked state w/ not a lotta water, they did pretty good for themselves. Visit the Memorial and just remember all those poor souls that we lost - more than 168 of them.

Now that I live in Michigan - you must, must, MUST come to Michigan. Bring Candy with you. We'll go to the Island and tear up the place!! Even if we don't get there, there's all kinds of neat and wonderful places to go. Nearby is the Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village - all the U.S. History you need in one place. We go there several times a year and never get tired of it.

I've been to HI - wasn't impressed. Don't tell Candy.