Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anti-Theft Run Amok!

I get that theft is an increasing problem in some types of stores, most notably drugstores. Maybe it's just most noticeable to me there because the draconian loss-prevention seems to have gotten really out of control at my local Walgreens. Well, since it has been that way at all the Walgreens' locations I've patronized in the last six months I suspect its an area-wide thing at least and possibly nationwide.

Drugstores sell a lot of relatively cheap merchandise, presumably with a narrow profit margin. That said, I am just about DONE with these stupid Walgreens! I bought hand lotion there a couple months ago for my desk and I am ~still~ trying to get the little foam sticky dot off the lid (it's a tube, it rests on its lid--the part I have to grab and touch every time I use it!) that was holding the lotion to the shelf in the store. Yes, the merchandise was damn near glued down. Irritating as hell, but I get it--I buy a little bit more expensive than average cream because of allergies and because it lasts me a long time. I assumed this level of ridiculous was being reserved for something a little more expensive, but not so pricy that it was locked up.


I bought a nail polish remover pen last week, one of those things for cleaning up your manicure in a hurry, right? It's packaged in plastic with the plastic glued to a cardboard backing, pretty standard stuff. I finally opened it last night and discovered that the bottom of the pen was glued to the bottom of th plastic overlay with that funky flexi-tac stuff (like they use to hold your ATM card to the letter they mail it to you on). I can't get it off. I got the pen off the plastic but cannot get that damned tacky stuff off the bottom of the pen. Meaning it will collect stray hair and piece of lint and random penny it touches in my purse for the next month (eww!) I assume this sticky bit is to keep people from sliding said pen out the bottom of the package without paying for it, but... Really? It's a $2.99 nail polish pen people! Get a grip.

Scratch that--loosen the grip a little would you? Before I have to go back to buying this stuff at the grocery store--where the packaging doesn't stick to me OR make me feel like a criminal just for picking it up!

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