Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yum! or Why My Husband Looks Afraid

I am cooking.

This is something that normally makes Raidman look a bit green around the gills. Add to it the raging ear/sinus infection the doc told me I have and the impaired sense of taste/smell that gives me and you start to understand.

His eyes bugged out of his head a minute ago when I shoved a chip coated in thick green goo with tiny red dots at his mouth, but, because he IS a smart man, he ate it anyway. And survived. Then discovered he liked it!

Woot - my first time making homemade from scratch guacamole was a success. I'd share the recipe but (a) I am SO not a food blogger and (b) I didn't use one.

*It woulda been all the way scratch but I had some un-canned diced tomatoes in the fridge I needed to use up, so I used them instead of fresh.

The salsa was not as lucky. Apparently those with unimpaired olfactory organs can smell the garlic from the floor ABOVE the kitchen. RM came to my rescue and we saved it, but it was close for a while there.

And, ummm, it's really hot.

It was funny watching him take a big bite and start to grab another jalapeno to add to the batch--when suddenly the FOUR already in it hit him and his face turned fire engine red. Yes, four--in about 2c of salsa. I'm hoping to clear up my sinus infection with salsa therapy :-D

J has a pal sleeping over and we've got some of dh's work friends coming over for dinner and a little RockBand2 in about 30min, so I better go get rid of the evidence...I mean clean the kitchen.

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