Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can't Rant

I was gonna rant but... (a) I want to do a little research on my topic and (b) I have a shiny new blog background and am finding it hard to be properly rant-ish.

Have no fear though, I am naturally inclined to snark and ranting, so I'm sure there will be some soon!

PS - I also took part in my first "Teaser Tuesday" over on my book blog, if you wanna check it out.


Jenn said...

I like the new digs!

Candy said...

You need to darken the font or something the green is too dark for the thin black lines... jmho, I have weird vision issues anyway.

(heh, just gave you something to rant about - your over opinionated friends)


Lisa said...

Love the new design -- very nice!