Monday, November 10, 2008

My Part for Publishing, Part Deaux

Had my book club meeting last night. Of the six of us there, 3 were driving & 2 are nursing. This left me the lone consumer of the bottle of wine I brought. After ruining dinner for the fam I had a glass before I left the house to shore up my ego while dh & the kid ate hot dogs. 2 more at book club, another 2 watching TV with dh last night... Yes, I drank an entire bottle of wine on my own in about 6 hours. So I was not happy to wake up @ 6:15 this morning.

Which means when I made my coffee and stumbled to my computer, I was not ready to face the day. But then I had mail from Amazon. You see where this is going, right?

Yes, I made another contribution to the publishing cause. This time I went slightly more mainstream:

  1. Stolen by Kelley Armstrong -- Thanks to Paperback Swap and my birthday I have books 1, 3,4, & 6 in the "Women of the Otherworld" series. B&N did not have 2 last night, I looked. So I ordered it for meself.
  2. Haunted by Kelley Armstrong -- Book 5 in the above-mentioned series, which I was also missing. This series is up to 9 books, but is the kind of thing I only buy in paperback, read once, then swap, so I'm stopping at six for now. Good news? I couldn't find it on PBSwap so someone will snap it up quick.
  3. "Okay, Girls - Man Your Bunks!" Tales from the Life of a WWII Navy WAVE by Helen Gilbert -- I've been fascinated with the Navy WAVES since I found out (sadly, after she died) that my grandmother was a WAVE, and well, this is yet another book that no one will ever think to buy me, so I bought it myself. And if I'm gentle with it I can repurpose it and give it to my Mom for Christmas, since her mom was the WAVE she'd probably like it too.

For the record, yes, books 1 & 2 above are total brain candy, like beach books. I write boring enthralling business copy and do various other unexciting things for work. For relaxation I like mindless fluff with vampires & other paranormal stuff (witches, weres, etc), so sue me.

I never claimed to be into the classics and freely admit I only got through Moby Dick by listening to it. If I'd read it I would probably still be in the coma it would have put me in. The writing was beautiful, but the whale nonsense, especially when I'm enough of a marine bio enthusiast to know how incorrect it was, drove me nutty. But I listened to it. Every single freakin' word. I deserve a medal, lol.

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hahaha. awesome work!