Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doesn't Play Well With Others

The title line up there has always been a pretty good description of me. I'm not (too) mean/aggressive/pouty/snarky, really, I'm not. I'm just...self-sufficient. I am happy to spend large blocks of time alone with my book/computer/yarn. I take a looong time to come out of my shell (semi-anonymous blog bravery doesn't really count here), but once I do I'm a PITA, ask my friends :-D

My point is, this tendency toward being a loner must be very deeply ingrained. It has even affected my eyesight. Really! I got new glasses last month and realized the instant I put them on that something just wasn't right. I tried them out for another day or two, then tucked them away and started wearing a pair from 2 years ago.

I finally got around to taking them back to the doc last week and they told me the specs matched the Rx the doc wrote, so I needed to schedule an appointment for a re-check. The appointment was today at lunch.

Apparently the doc and RaidMan were BOTH right and wrong. The doc said my Rx was lower (i.e. my vision had improved). When I told RM I couldn't see out of the new specs he told me, "Yea, I didn't really think your eyesight had gotten better, but I didn't want to say anything..." um, ya just did babe!

When we re-tested today the prescription was perfect---for each eye individually. When I tried to see the little chart with both eyes open I lost focus. Translation: Each eye is strong and needs a weaker Rx, BUT they can't work together at the lower Rx. In order for me to see the way I should, he had to overcorrect.

Yep, even my eyes can't work together, and, as usual, if I'm gonna do it I have to overdo it, lol.


On a separate note, I discharged my civic duty today and voted. They moved my precinct this year. Rather than try to find the new location I just hit early voting. No matter what your opinion, even if I disagree with it, exercise your right and your obligation and VOTE. If you don't vote now, you don't get to whine later...

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