Monday, October 6, 2008

Me Me Me Me Me Me!

See, it really is all about me!

You know why I ~really~ started blogging agan? So I could play stupid blog games like this meme from ATF.


STEP ONE: I'm supposed to blog a list of six things people don't know about me.

I'm actually
with Crystal on this one -- among the people likely to read this blog I have very few secrets, and those I may have, well, I probably have them for a very good reason... But I'll give it a shot anyway:
  1. I preface waaaay too many sentences with the word "So." I have to consciously edit it out or you would see it 100s of times a day from me .

  2. I ~like~ wearing heels. Walking around in stilted footwear makes me feel like a girl. I like, and yet am embarassed by, that hard, sharp, staccato sound they make as I stomp my way through life.

  3. Writing fiction scares the crap outta me. I'm only slightly less afeared of trying to write humor, which is one of the many reasons I admire the heck outta Crystal over there.

  4. My clumsy self actually took years of both ballet and tap dancing as a child. Gymnastics, too. Yea, I don't believe it either and I have the pics to prove it.

  5. I took theatre classes, went to camps, etc. from 1985 - 1993 and I am still shy. I did my best acting off stage and am still frustrated that I never managed to turn that off-stage talent into a decent on-stage performance.

  6. I am a firm believer in breastpower. If a man is stupid enough to give me/do what I want just because I have cleavage, it is his problem, NOT mine.

Because I am newly re-entering the blogosphere on a personal level, I refuse to obey rule #2 and tag six other people. If you wanna play, go for it, but don't blame me :-)

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