Monday, October 20, 2008

Therapy by the Skein

I am also currently going through... something. Honestly, not sure what, but a trip to the doc is in the works to see if she can help me figure it out before I climb the UT tower with my knitting needles (I don't knit, I bought them because they are longer than the stabilizers that came with my hairpin lace loom).

Crochet is, at its heart, a mind-numbing (and carpal tunnel inducing) repetitive motion with a concrete result in short order. I have complete and total control over it (nice for a control freak like me). I get to pick pretty colors and soft yarn. It's very calming. even when it doesn't go well.

It's also taught me in the last couple of years that this old girl can learn new tricks. I couldn't crochet properly 2 years ago and now I am slowly navigating my way through increasingly complex patterns. And, as my mother says, it's cheaper than heroin. She should know, she sews and has more fabric than Crystal & I combined have yarn; it has its own room in her house!

All of which is good when Mama has one of her special days, or like the tail end of last week, several of them in a row, aggravated by a failing motherboard, a crabby, overbooked child, a printer that will print for everyone BUT mom, overdue deadlines (see motherboard note), and the joy of my life that is WoW with new features (taste the sarcasm, like Skittles but bitter). Times like this Mama hides in her room with a hook, a basket of yarn, and a cup of coffee and waits it out. It settles me and, well, keeps me from saying or doing something that I'll regret when the funk fades.

And I like to make scarves. They offer instant gratification, don't take too long, and, well, I just like making them. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with them as the stack gets larger and larger. I'm split, 70-30 between finding a homeless shelter to give them to and trying my hand on Etsy. After all, just because someone is homeless doesn't mean they wouldn't appreciate a little handmade beauty. And, well, if I'm going to be doing this instead of therapy or pharmaceuticals, I need to find an outlet and if Etsy lets me make a little money to buy more yarn...

I dunno why, prolly cuz I spent the weekend working on a new scarf (pics when I finish) I wanted to talk yarn. Feel free to skip this post and come back when I feel witty.


Lisa said...

You know, if winter even comes this year, I bet giving away your scarves to some homeless folks would make you feel really good.

Lisa said...

I'm about four baby afghans behind. Maybe you and I should work out a trade... ;-)